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Episode 5

tax reform

Company taxes are falling, but if it's not big business who is carrying the tax burden - then who is left to pick up the tab?


Episode 4

Tax Reform in 2015 & the Federation White Paper

DOWNLOADABLE INFO SHEET: 2015 is set to be the biggest year in taxation since Federation. Many of the ideas we are set to see are going to be weird, wonderful, and probably unpopular, but we can be sure that tax reform is an important and desperately needed.


Episode 3

CGT Reform & Inequality in Australia

We ask if the CGT discount is "ripe" for reform. Often seen as being over generous to a class of Australians, the CGT discounts is said to provide a tax benefit those who are able to accumulate capital. Meanwhile, the upward price presses effectively make housing unaffordable to those who are left behind, namely younger working Australians.


Episode 2

Introducing Taxpayers Australia Ltd

Taxpayers Australia is a not-for-profit organisation committed to a fairer and more transparent taxation system for every Australian taxpayer. http://www.taxpayer.com.au/ Read more in our information sheet.


Episode 1

Why can't the ATO
charge interest on my HECS/HELP loan?


We fact check to see if the Federal Government really does have the right to jack up the interest rate on you existing HECS / HELP debt. It turns out, they probably can't. Read more in our information sheet. ---Information Sheet---

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