Special effects: After Effects, Motion 5 & Slick editing 

These are examples of some of film projects I have been working on. 



A guide for anyone studying Accounting Information System. Link to exercises will be up in a day or so. If you found this, don't forget to subscribe and share this video with your class mates. Happy study guys! -Tetracarbon out.


 Short films & Narratives

Great film making involves roughly the same techniques in both story telling and educational videos alike. I joined the Melbourne Amateur Film Makers group to collaborate and learn more from peers. 

The group sets "homework" to create short films on a given topic. The two examples below are some of the more recent.

To be clear; I have ZERO interest in becoming a serious narrative film maker. This is purely a learning exercise. 

A short film made for the Melbourne Amateur Film Makers Club. This film is made as practice, and is purely fictional.

Video School Homework: Make a 30 Second film about "Amnesia". This is not strictly an educational video, but more like practice. This was a chance to practice using the green screen and a more convincing look of 3 or 4 copies of myself interacting with each other.


Practice runs

These are just practice runs to trial new techniques

This is just a test of the compositing on YouTube

Practice test to learn how to use After Effects and 3D test in a 3D space for teaching demonstrations.